This 10 Minute Workout Will Transform Your Abs In No Time

7. Bear Crawls

We all crawl as babies but stop as soon as we learn to walk. Crawling is actually a fantastic stabilizing workout that challenges your core and adds strength. They’re a low impact alternative to burpees. Simply start in a bear, with knees under hips, lifted and hovering a few inches off the air. Keep your elbows beneath the shoulders as you either walk forwards or side to side. Repeat for 45 seconds.


8. Mountain Climber

This move basically merges a plank with knee movements to help engage all parts of your core. It can help you improve both strength of your core and balance. Begin in a plank position with hands under shoulders. Lift the right knee towards the chest, keeping hips down and a straight back. As you return that leg, lift the other knee towards the chest. Keep alternating for 45 seconds.



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